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A Libertarian For Governor?

Gaztañaga To Run In 2010

Citing a need to build on 2008 performance, a Libertarian has thrown her hat into the Gubernatorial ring. According to MarylandReporter.com, Susan Gaztañaga and Doug O’Neill have been selected by the Central Committee to represent the party in a challenge to Martin O’Malley and the GOP nominee.

Third party candidates rarely fare well in any election, and apparently Gaztañaga is keenly aware of the fact. So much so that she said she  is “realistic about my chances of getting elected, of course. If it happens by some miracle, I would definitely be willing to serve.”

How much confidence does that instill in any potential voter when the candidate in effect says, “I plan to lose, but if by chance I don;t I guess I will take the job.”

Is it any wonder why third party candidates fare so poorly?

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