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How I Hope I’ve Earned Your Vote

| November 02, 2009, 10:14 AM | 1 Comment

Thank You For Your Support

Chris Fox, Independent Candidate For Mayor of Annapolis

Chris Fox, Independent Candidate For Mayor of Annapolis

As a candidate for a job in public service, I have never taken your support or your vote for granted.  My opponents often end their remarks by saying “I want your vote” or “Pull the lever for me on November 3rd”.  While I understand what they are trying to say, those phrases don’t exactly represent the way I feel.  Over the past two years I have worked tirelessly to meet with citizens and spread my message, and I hope I’ve earned your vote.

Being the 13th of 16th children, nothing was ever given to me.  From an early age, I learned to work for anything that was worth having—to earn it.  That philosophy is what brought me into this campaign in the first place.  I have spent time working in beautiful places such as Key West, Martha’s Vineyard, and Aspen.  But I’ve lived in Annapolis for the last decade and a half because I love it here—the character of the city and its people make this city the place I want to establish roots.  In 2002 I acted on that basis and established a business with my brother Andrew.

As the business grew, we were able to offer great contributions to this city.  We proudly revitalized a historic property that was previously vacant, employed local residents, and contributed to the tax base that allows our government to function.  However, I became increasingly frustrated with the way government was carried out.  Permits for businesses that tried to make the same investment I did were hung up in City Hall for years.  Tough economic times were ignored, as the city taxed its citizens so much as to increase the city’s budget from $54 million to $86 million just in the past 8 years.  Priorities such as crime, over-taxation, and the Market House were ignored in favor of the Sister City Program, a proposed ban on plastic bags, or just doing nothing at all. Our city government’s audacity was on display when numerous taxes and fees were rammed into law, and its ignorance on display when at least one of those taxes was ruled unconstitutional.

Two years ago, I decided I’d had enough.  I set out to prove to residents and businesses that I was the best person to bring needed changes to City Hall.  A government that buries its head in the sand and ignores blatant problems is a government that neglects its people.  I knew it would be a challenge.  As an Independent candidate, I knew I wouldn’t have the ‘party machines’ providing me with support.  As a candidate with no aspirations for a career in political office, I knew I couldn’t count on big donations from corporations looking for future favors.  But, as a common-sense small business owner who cares about our city, I knew I had a great opportunity to show people that my vision for Annapolis’ future is best for all of us.

My vision for Annapolis is a city that protects it citizens and provides an overall good quality of life; a city that welcomes business and encourages small local business investment; a city that is professionally managed, and accountable to the citizens.

fox-mayor-200I have been in this race longer than any other candidate.  It started when I decided to run, continued when I met many of you while gaining signatures for my nomination petition, and continues now as Election Day approaches.  I am the only candidate that has always supported a council-manager form of government, one where an operations professional runs departments in accordance with policies developed by the Mayor and Council.  Despite my disappointment to put people out of work in these tough times, I have pledged to reduce the red tape of departments including Planning and Zoning—a department that has grown by 900% over a time in which the population of Annapolis grew by only 16%.  Despite warnings from politicians, I brought to the forefront the correlation between public housing and crime, and my plan to address the lack of job training will give opportunities to people who haven’t seen many—an action that the city can take to reduce the generational dependence on government subsidies.

If I haven’t earned your vote yet, I’m not a quitter, and I’m going to try one more time!  This city needs fresh blood.  Over the past 8 years, my opponents have a combined 13 years tenure serving on the City Council.  I remain the Independent candidate, the candidate with no allegiance to political parties, the candidate who thinks only on the basis of what’s best for the city of Annapolis. I will bring to city government the same passion and common sense I’ve used while doing business in this city for many years.  I will bring the same vigilance I have when my nephew gets dropped off for work, and I look at my brother to tell him “your son is safe with me”.

Together we are going to make Annapolis a much better city for everyone.  I’m looking for your vote on November 3rd.  I hope I’ve earned it.

Thank you,

Chris Fox

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  1. Jimmy F says:

    By the looks of the unofficial count, not many supported Mr Fox. I was really surprised to see the low amount of people that voted for him since he had groups of 3 & 4 people holding signs up at almost every street corner I came to. When I see these people doing this, it seems to me that the person running for office is begging for your vote. Dave Cordle is the only one that did not do any street corner begging, even though he may have lost !

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