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Hate Crimes In Annapolis

Bowling And Shropshire Turn Up The Heat

In the wake of the horrific fliers that were distributed just before the election, the two targeted men are turning the heat up. Way up!

Yesterday, Ward 7 Alderman Sam Shropshire and Scott Bowling (unsuccessful candidate for Ward 3) spoke for a half hour on the “Talk With..” show on WNAV. Classie Hoyle, the effective beneficiary of the flier was invited, but refused to return calls. And if that was not enough to light a fire, last night’s council meeting certainly way.

The room was crowded and there were probably a dozen supporters of Scott and Sam who spoke on their behalf. An impassioned plea for justice was presented by Scott Bowling who clearly held his former opponent, Alderman Classie Hoyle, in contempt. As Scott left the dais, the room erupted in applause and many stood.  Scott’s partner, Dave Miller also spoke and called for the resignation of Classie Hoyle for her refusal to condemn the hate literature distributed on her behalf.

Throughout the testimony, Classie Hoyle offered little if no emotion. Finally, when a reward was announced, she offered to contribute $500 to the fund. This gesture (and it was merely a gesture) was weak and quite honestly 9 days late.  Eric Hartley summed it up well, “there’s a reason Alderwoman Classie Hoyle’s about-face on the racist, homophobic attacks against her political opponent seemed sudden: It was utterly insincere.”

For more details, complete with snarky comments, see Annapolis Politics’ blow by blow commentary.

With the public testimony out of the way, Alderman Sam Shropshire presented three identical letters addressed to the FBI in Baltimore, Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler, and Anne Arundel County’s State’s Attorney Franks Weathersbee requesting a full investigation. Alderman Shropshire was able to get all nine members of the council to sign the letters and they were sent out today.

Gansler Letter 110909

One point that was made last night was that as this was all coming to light, the only people to publicly condemn the flier were Josh Cohen, Carl Snowden, and Nick Berry. The Mayor, the City Council, and the other elected officials remained mum.  As this nation has come so far over the past several years, this is not what anyone expects of Annapolis. Last year, we made a big deal about apologizing for slavery–something over which we had no control. Yet, today, in 2009, our City leaders remain mum while dirty politics runs roughshod throughout the city.  Maybe in a few hundred years, some City Council will offer an apology to Bowling and Shropshire. Or perhaps the one we have elected to lead us can do the right thing and offer it now–starting with Classie Hoyle.

The other two letters (FBI an d Weathersbee) are after the jump.

FBI Baltimore Letter 110909Weathersbee Letter 110909

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