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An interesting column posted today on Human Events. The columnist made the assertion that political correctness has now trumped qualifications when it comes to the military of the United States. He discussed the red flags which were raised as Nidal Hassan passed through the ranks receiving two promotions only to open fire and kill more than a dozen people at Ft. Hood a few short weeks ago.

The author discusses what he perceives as a misguided mission at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Military political correctness is rampant much closer to the nation’s capital.  The U.S. Naval Academy is to train young adults to serve in the combat arms of the Navy and Marine Corps.  However, Superintendent and Vice Admiral Jeffrey Fowler — apparently unaware that the U.S. is engaged in two wars — states his number one priority is to increase diversity.

He discusses the two track admission process at the Academy where white males are held to a higher standard and some minority students are admitted without the ability to complete college level coursework.  A few years back, a promising future Naval Officer, Lamar Owens, was acquitted of rape charges, yet still dismissed without a diploma and forced to repay nearly $100,000 to the Navy. Mr. Owens’ accuser, a female midshipman, was known to be a “party girl” and prone to binge drinking and blackouts. However, she was held to an entirely different standard.

He continues to charge that the US Naval Academy released two of it’s color guard who was to perform at the World Series to make appearances that the unit was more diverse than it really is.

However, two of the six midshipmen who had been longtime members of the color guard were fired the day before the game and replaced with two newcomers.  The offense, they were told, was being white males.  The new members were a female and a first-generation Pakistani-American.

Charging that the Naval Academy does not hide its bias towards female and minorities, the author references the latest recruiting video.

The school’s 60-second “Fulfill Your Destiny” recruiting video, which has played prominently on television the past two years, has not one discernible white face in it except in the distant background.  The commercial features two Hispanics, two blacks and an Asian.  The video is not representative of the actual student body.

What are your thoughts? Have our military in general and our own US Naval Academy morphed into a system where we are no longer accepting the most qualified individuals to lead our Navy? Have we given way to political correctness?Are we training the next nutcase who will go off and kill our own service members?  Please read the original column at Human Events; it raises many questions.

The original author of the column asked to remain anonymous; but apparently is an active duty Colonel (Navy Captain) stationed in Washington, DC.

And in another case of being too politically correct, the military identifies a high value target, sends the Navy SEALS to capture them, and then charges them because the target received a bloody lip and a punch in the stomach while being apprehended. Ridiculous!

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