September 30, 2023
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Fort Hood Shooter Has Local Ties

Major Hasan, Army Psychiatrist From Silver SpringFthood

One of the shooters who killed 12 and injured 31 this afternoon at the Army’s Ft. Hood in Texas is from Bethesda, MD.

According to CBS News,  Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, was killed after he opened fire. Hasan is an Army mental health professional.  He is a drug and rehab specialist who has been practicing less than a year according to his Virginia Board of Medicine information.

A motive is unknown at this point and authorities are trying to determine if Hasan was his birth name or if he may have changed his name and converted to Islam.

Our general area is becoming a hotbed for violent connections. In October 2002 we had the Beltway Sniper (John Allen Muhammad) and just this past June, James Von Brunn opened fire at the Holocaust Museum in Washington killing a security guard.

The comments on CBS News are leaning very heavily to classifying this as an act of terrorism. What are your thoughts? Terrorism? An act of aggression? Or just a whacked out shrink gone amok?

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