November 30, 2023
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Bowling Responds

Aldermanic Candidate Responds To Hate Literature

Shortly after discovering the hate literature targeting him, Scott Bowling has asked the US and State Attorney General to initiate an investigation.  Bowling’s complete statement follows:

Annapolis, MD – November 2, 2009 –  With less than 48 hours to go before the polls open, an anonymous and illegal flyer is being distributed in Ward 3.  The flyer is filled with hatred and bigotry intended to motivate the historically African-American communities within Parole to vote for Democrats Josh Cohen and Classie Hoyle.

Scott Bowling, a candidate for Alderman in Ward 3 has called on the U.S. Attorney General’s Office as well as a Maryland Attorney’s General’s office to investigate this as a hate crime and as a violation of the Voting Rights Act.

” I am disappointed that in 2009 there are factions within Annapolis that insist on engaging and bringing this type of racist and hate filled activity into our City Elections.”  “Such hateful language can very quickly lead to violence” said Alderman Candidate Scott Bowling. We, as a community, must seek out the originators of these hateful statements and turn them over to authorities.  “There is no place in any City, State or society for such hateful and abusive language.”

“I denounce such activities and hope that my opponent as well as the leadership of both political parties would do so as well; there is no room for hatred, bigotry or this type of politics in Annapolis.” Bowling said

“My campaign has focused since day one on the issues of fiscal responsibility, transparency and a professional, council-manager form of government, and bringing a new perspective and common sense approach to City government.   I have run a credible and respectful campaign; a campaign that offers the voters of Ward 3 a clear choice.  I am hopeful that the citizens of Annapolis and Ward 3 will rise above such a blatant attempt to prey on people’s ethnic, racial, and religious fears.”

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