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Annapolis Election Recap

A New Regime Set To Take Reins At City Hall

Annapolis' Mayor-Elect, Josh Cohen (D)
Annapolis' Mayor-Elect, Josh Cohen (D)

Well, as was to be expected, 68% of the voters in Annapolis did not bother to turn out and vote. How disappointing. Even more so when you consider that close to 100% of the voters were clamoring for change–any change–at City Hall!  Wake up Annapolis, you had your chance, and quite frankly you blew it by allowing 32% of the voters to make the selection of the man who will lead our government for the next four years! If the voters are not going to be a part of the solution, they have little room to complain about the problems. For mayor, there were three outstanding candidates–each of whom could have ably led our city; yet the winner was selected by a very small majority of the voters–what is wrong with this picture?

According to the Unofficial Results posted on the City’s website, Josh Cohen appears to be the winner with 45% of the vote. Dave Cordle currently has 42.2% of the vote. Chris Fox has 12.8%. It is unlikely that the provisional and absentee ballots will change the outcome, but Cordle has said he will not concede until the final results are tabulated.

Cohen campaigned on a platform of change at City Hall and fought the perception that he was cut from the same cloth as embattled Mayor Ellen Moyer.  The blogosphere has been abuzz with comments about Cohen’s win being just more of the same. We do not think so. Josh Cohen is a career politician and he has a bright future ahead of himself. More of the same is certain political suicide for him. The other criticism of Cohen was his “job hopping” from City Council to County Council, and now apparently back to the City in City Hall. Once again, Josh was repeatedly asked if he intended to serve all four years of his term and he unequivocally said “YES”. Once again, we feel confident in this as moving onto another race before the term ends would also be political suicide. But, he might opt out of a second term if the right opportunity presents itself!

We wholeheartedly congratulate Josh, Dave, and Chris for a great race. Certainly it was fraught with twists and turns, but now is the time to get behind our elected leaders and help them steer Annapolis over the course of the next four years–a course that is guaranteed to be challenging.

Stay tuned to Eye ON Annapolis for some commentary about the aldermanic races later today!

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