February 29, 2024
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Violence At Annapolis High School

Student Reportedly Thrown Over Railing

UPDATE: See response from Anne Arundel County Police Department below.

UPDATE 2: See response from Anne Arundel County Public Schools

We have received several reports of an attack on a student yesterday at Annapolis High School.  While some of the precise details differ, the incident appears to be described accurately by three sources.

During the afternoon of October 9, 2009, a student was attacked in a stairwell of the school. The student was either thrown down the steps or over a railing and became unconscious (see clarification by AACPS below) when the attacker approached the victim and kicked him (or her) in the head. The injured student was reportedly transported to Anne Arundel Medical Center for emergency surgery (see clarification by AACPS below).

At this time, we have inquiries into the Anne Arundel County Schools as well as the Anne Arundel County Police Department for additional details. Stay tuned for more information.

Update from Anne Arundel County Police Department: Our officers did respond to an altercation at the school in the early afternoon hours. I can confirm that there was a fight in a stairwell, but do not have information to substantiate a fall down the steps. A juvenile male was transported to AAMC and our department has identified a possible suspect in the incident. The incident is still under investigation.

Update from Anne Arundel County Public Schools: There was an altercation yesterday afternoon between two students. That incident is still under investigation, as police have indicated in your online report. A suspect has been identified. The information I have indicates an ambulance was called because the student was dazed. I don’t have any information that indicates the student was unconscious.

School officials have been in contact with the student’s family today. He is home. There was no surgery.

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