June 24, 2024
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TSA Kidnapping Story FALSE

Local Mother’s Story Does Not Hold Water

UPDATE: Since this rebuttal by the TSA, she has removed all comments from her blog. According to the TSA, they attempted to contact her yesterday and she would not speak with them. We made similar attempts and our calls and emails were not returned.

Local blogger "Nic" falsely accused the TSA of taking her son from her while passing through security in Atlanta.
Local blogger "Nic" falsely accused the TSA of taking her son from her while passing through security in Atlanta.

Yesterday, we reported about a local mom who made a claim that her child was separated from her by the TSA (Transportation Security Agency) while passing through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackaon airport en route home to Baltimore. After reading her very detailed impassioned story on her blog, we felt for her. What happened to her seemed to go against the rules.

The TSA responded to us that they were taking the allegation very seriously and were investigating the matter. At the time, it seemed like typical “government speak” for “go away little boy”; and we felt that the story would likely just fade away.

Well, late last night, the TSA turned into Myth Busters and posted the video of the Annapolis woman’s journey through security. The entire process was 9 minutes and 30 seconds long from the time she triggered the alarm and AT NO TIME was she separated from her child.

In fact, much of her rambling story was refuted by the video. We did not see her in a box as she described. We saw a TSA agent help her with her son’s stroller. We saw no secret cell phone calls. We did see what appeared to be some raised voices and tension, but all in all, this looks like standard operating procedure for someone who alerts while going through security.

Yes, it is stressful. Yes, it is a hassle. We never saw he son separated from her; nor did we see him being searched.The less than ten minute delay certainly did not put her close to missing her flight.  It is hard to determine anyone’s reaction when confronted by security, and perhaps she did have the melt down on the floor of the bathroom, but was it really caused by the TSA?

Then to go on her well read blog and to completely fabricate 99% of a story, makes no sense. If it was just a publicity grab (like Balloonboy) she likely succeeded, but now she needs to see the other end of the equation.

This is a real disappointment that someone would go to such lengths.  The TSA is a bloated organization. At times they are very unfriendly. The can do a lot better. But unfortunately, they are all we have at the moment.

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