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The TSA Kidnapping Saga Comes To An End

| October 18, 2009, 11:16 AM | 18 Comments

Local Blogger Offers No Apologies, Just Delusionsbottlesuplogo

It appears that Nicole White’s 15 minutes of fame are coming to an end. She is the Annapolis mother, married to a Navy fighter pilot who was working at the US Naval Academy, who claimed that the TSA took her child from her while undergoing screening in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

Last night, she posted what she claimed was an “apology” but it was nothing of the sort, just more accusations against the TSA that they edited the film to take out the parts where they took her child and where she made two separate telephone calls.

When she first told of her story on Friday, the Internet went crazy. Most everyone sided with Nicole and lambasted the TSA for breaking their own rules.  But then the TSA fired back with video from Nicole’s journey through security in Atlanta which refuted 99% of her story.

Once again, the Internet came alive with detractors and supporters. Nicole went into hiding and despite several efforts to contact her by phone, email and Twitter, she did not return our calls. Via Twitter, she told her followers that she would have a statement shortly. When the statement did come, it was nothing more than additional allegations that the TSA had edited the video to prove her a liar.

At this point, we are inclined to believe the TSA. After all, what do they have against a “tattooed liberal” freelance writer from Annapolis married to a US Navy fighter pilot? Certainly some of her recent Twitter updates(screen shots below) shed some additional light onto the story. It seems that Nicole was decidedly more intent on bringing traffic (and perhaps advertising revenue) to her blog than anything else. And she was apparently more interested in  offering this tale of fiction to anyone that wanted to publish it; than the “trauma” experienced by her and her son in Atlanta.

And if the Twitter feed was not compelling enough, what about the tagline of her blog itself? Proudly rejecting one bottle & embracing another since 2008.

so what’s up with your title? “mybottlesup” came from my husband. brilliant in my mind since our son a) refused my boob and then his bottle, and b) drove me to a more intimate relationship with my wine bottle. “mybottlesup” also stands for how my time is up, i am fed up, and i’ve had it up (to here).

As mentioned, the Internet was abuzz with this story yesterday and likely it will continue for a few more days affording Nicole another shot at her 15 minutes of fame. There has been some great coverage and advice given over the past day and a half including advice from Christopher Elliott(columnist for MSNBC and the National Geographic Traveler Ombudmsman), Paul O’FlahertyAri Herzog (online media strategist for business and government), and Sara with her tome Why the @mybottlesup Story Really Chaps My Ass. Nicole woudl be wise to read these pieces as well as the accompanying comments.

Here at Eye On Annapolis, we too covered the story and offered Nicole many opportunities to speak with us. We initially broke the story Thursday afternoon where we were very sympathetic to her plight. Subsequent updates in the evening, with a response  from the TSA, began to cloud the picture.  By Saturday morning, the TSA had released the video of Nicole transiting security and we deemed her tale quite literally, incredible.  By late morning, Nicole had taken her site offline and gone into hiding. Many supporters claimed that the site “crashed” due to traffic, but that was not the case. Finally, yesterday evening, she offered her “apology” for not responding sooner complete with additional allegations the TSA doctored the video to incriminate her.

In Nicole’s “apology” she suggested that people just “move on” and that is what we will be doing. After perusing many entries of her blog, a much clearer picture of the blogger emerged. We will let you find them and judge for yourself.

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John is the publisher and editor of Eye On Annapolis. As a resident and business owner in Anne Arundel County for nearly 25 years, he realized that there was something missing in terms of community news–and Eye On Annapolis was born in late spring 2009.

John’s background is in the travel industry as a business owner, industry speaker, and travel writer. In terms of blogging and social media, he cut his teeth with

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Comments (18)

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  1. esgg says:

    I’m all for finding out the truth and I feel as misled as anyone. But all this speculation and these shaky conclusions pulled from a provocative blog tagline is pretty tawdry. Plus you continue to perpetrate the untruth that she had gone into hiding, when even her twitter stream indicates that she had been on a flight all day, and you’re trying to connect her to “site crash” lies when it seems that didn’t come from her at all but was just more speculation.

    If you stick to facts you might have some points here. Take a tip from Christopher Elliot and crew.

    It’s getting annoying already. On both sides.

  2. Atrocity17 says:

    The TSA has done an update below there first blog post with 9 different video angels.

  3. April says:

    So now that the TSA has released every single second of footage from 9 different camera angles, we can only hope that the accusations of editing and some kind of anti-“tattooed liberal” conspiracy will stop. It wasn’t edited. The whole thing is a lie. End of story. Here:

    Now….here’s a question I have yet to see asked on any of the 947 blogs that have posted this story. Who is the blonde woman that was with Nicole the whole time and why hasn’t she come forward to back up Nicole’s version of the events?

    Based on the interactions between Nicole and this blonde woman, they don’t seem like strangers. The blonde helped get the stroller and other items onto the conveyor and then she helped get them off. She helped move them from the conveyor to the second screening area. When both women removed their shoes, they piled them (both pairs) together on the conveyor belt…not something total strangers would do.

    So was this woman traveling with her?

  4. ASeth says:

    And Nic’s deleted her Twitter account. Which is (a) the Internet version of going into hiding, and (b) to be expected, as her own Tweets incriminate her something awful.

  5. kathryn o says:

    I just hope she’s removed the “Blog with Integrity” tag from her site.

  6. Mei says:

    Nic’s twitter account is still active.

  7. Atrocity17 says:

    Aseth, her account has not been deleted

  8. running with scissors says:

    Wow, I really hope this was worth 15 minutes of fame. Look at her blog it would appears she has some issues. Talks a lot about drinking and a ton of photo’s of her drinking. Wonder if the Navy is talking to her husband right now. Wonder if his job could be in jeopardy over this, not good he has a wife who appears to have some mental health issues.

  9. Elaina says:

    Thanks for your take on the story. I missed the whole thing originally because I got so sick of Twitter, I deleted my account. I have been complaining for months and months about a lack of integrity in the blogosphere. This isn’t the only story like this. There’s quite a few of them out there. The others I’m aware of involve things like faking a child’s serious illness and a woman who faked a pregnancy (April Rose — baby was said to be quite ill) and received all kinds of support. She had a PO box for donations and had Blogher ads. There are others. Those are just two examples.

    But there are also other little twists of the truth I’ve found via people’s Tweets and their blogs. I just think it was time that more attention was paid to this issue. She didn’t think even remotely logically about how quickly her story could be refuted by the TSA. Yet, all of the attention, is hopefully going to get those who chose to twist the truth or outright lie, to think twice.

    On another note, I’m sure her husband’s command is THRILLED about this. Just thrilled. Note the use of sarcasm in the previous two sentences.

  10. Elaina says:

    Oh yeah . . . I meant to also say that reading her “statement” or supposed apology only makes her look that much worse. But I’m wondering if she removed the statements about them editing the tape? I just read that and I didn’t see her make mention of them editing. She must have changed those. Either that or my reading comprehension is severely suffering today!

  11. Eye Spy says:

    Your reading must be suffering LOL. It is there:
    in the video, it looks as though my son is playing happily in his stroller while i am being searched with a wand. obviously this is the big discrepancy with my story, since he was not in my sight at that time, and one that i too am thoroughly looking into. neither of the two phone calls i placed while seated in security are in the video either. what is shown in the video is incomplete as it leaves out when the security agent took my son to a separate area and out of my sight. this matter is one that is being handled between my family and the TSA.

  12. running with scissors says:

    Well if it is being handled between her and TSA, why tweet about it. Just an attention whore. If you read her blog she is so self absorbed it is shocking. And the support from these others on her blog is frightening. I am worried about the future of the children these women are raising.

  13. Elaina says:

    Eye Spy I did see that and I took her “the video is incomplete” comment to mean that it ended before the incident she says happened. Not that it was edited. I suppose the problem is that the use of the word “edit” has a different connotation to me then “incomplete.” When the word “edit” was used in this article, I assumed that she had used that or a similar meaning word on her blog.

  14. Sceptic says:

    She has a new post up today (10/25).

    By the way, this was HER story. It had nothing to do with ANYONE else. Not the people she asked to spread her story. Not the people she asked to contact the TSA. Not her friends who leapt to her defense. Nope, just her story.

    It was her version and she has the right to mix fact with fiction without regard to consequence.

    Funnily enough, her new blog post is titled “Ownership” yet she again fails to take ownership for what she did.

    And no, she did not post her phone records – wonder why?

  15. JJ says:

    Why is there no talk of prosecuting this woman, she’s crazy like a fox, though a dumb fox. But it’s always the dumb ones that get caught right? We as a society have to let future people who enter this person life to know about it, like future employees or license bodies. What if she wants to take care of old people in 10 years, you want her near your senile dad? Or kids, you want her to be able to get a job in childcare? I want her to at least be accused so it shows up in a public records search. Thereby alerting background checks that delve deeper than just a conviction check, such as a licensing check.

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