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Student Dies From Possible H1N1

AACC Student’s Symptoms May Have Been Missed

Walter Brooks, an 18 year old student at Anne Arundel Community College and recent graduate of North County High School died this morning from suspected H1N1. WBAL-TV is reporting that his father said he first got sick last Wednesday. On Tuesday he felt better, but got then much sicker and was taken to the University of Maryland Medical Center where his legs were amputated and he died this morning.

According to a report by a neighbor who also writes for The Examiner, the initial diagnosis may have been missed at the hospital. According to an email received by the neighbor:

It all started when Walt had a fever of 103 for a few days with aches and pains.  The fever was cleared with medication.   He then started having difficulty breathing about 4-5 days after initial onset.   He was seen at a hospital, given nebulizer test, but no blood work was done, and no chest x-ray.   He was told, “You are young and healthy, you will be fine”.

The next day he had burning in his chest with difficulty breathing and was taken to another hospital.   They asked his mother if she had any idea how sick her son was.   She said that she had taken him to ER the day before.  Walt was put on a ventilator and transferred to University Hospital.  He was put on a lung by-pass machine and dialysis and was coma-induced.

It is difficult to believe with all the media attention given to the H1N1 Virus that a hospital would not go out of their way to test for the virus.

Brooks was a well liked student at both Anne Arundel Community College and at North County High where two of his siblings still attend. His former Principal called him “a dynamic presence”. Counselors will be available to students nd staff.

A Memorial Service was held tonight at North County and a Facebook Memorial Page has been set up.

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