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Regional Recap, October 7, 2009

| October 07, 2009, 09:05 AM | 1 Comment

Regional News From WBAL-TVwbaltv

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MD University System Formulating Porn Policy. The University System of Maryland is developing a policy on student displays of pornographic films. The policy is a response to a screening of a pornographic movie planned earlier this year at the University of Maryland, College Park, but it is facing some opposition.

Student Newspaper Editor Resigns After Controversial Column. The editor-in-chief of the Towson University student newspaper, The Towerlight, has resigned after a controversial column was published. A weekly column called “The Bed Post” featured a piece about a specific sex act.

Pedestrian Hit, Killed By Bus. Anne Arundel County police are investigating an deadly accident involving a bus in Glen Burnie. Detectives said Marlene Turnage, 58, of Millersville, may have suffered a medical emergency when she fell near a curb on Hospital Drive. A bus then hit her and left the scene. (See related story at Eye On Annapolis)

Ehrlich’s Actions Have Some Asking: Will He Run Again? Former Gov. Robert Ehrlich is raising money and calling for a change of leadership in Annapolis, which seems to have many asking the question — is he planning to run again for governor? Ehrlich, a Republican, seems to be framing taxes and business regulation as campaign issues. Ehrlich said he hasn’t decided, but there’s no question he’s ramping up political activity.

If you’re looking to buy a house in foreclosure but aren’t sure what’s on the market, a local Realtor has come up with a unique way to get customers to the product.

A foreclosure bus tour to be held Saturday morning in Howard County is giving prospective buyers a chance to see multiple homes to find good deals.Realtor Bob Lucido, who is hosting the event, said there’s never been a better time to buy a home, and because of the economy, the volume of foreclosed properties is high.

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About the Author - John Frenaye

John is the publisher and editor of Eye On Annapolis. As a resident and business owner in Anne Arundel County for nearly 25 years, he realized that there was something missing in terms of community news–and Eye On Annapolis was born in late spring 2009.

John’s background is in the travel industry as a business owner, industry speaker, and travel writer. In terms of blogging and social media, he cut his teeth with MSNBC.com.

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  1. Crystal Jacquez says:

    San Francisco, CA


    Pedophiles are learning to love single moms. Not because these predators are changing their sexual preferences, but because many single moms are inadvertently creating happy hunting grounds for that subspecies of pedophiles who like their prey young – really young.

    “Think of it” says Crystal the Jacquez, managing editor of Guys That Lie.com, an online back grounding site. “If you’re one of the tens of thousands of pedophiles with a taste for really young kids, how do you get to them? Children under five or six are just too young to be online by themselves.”

    “So what does this most dangerous form of pedophiles do?” asks Jacquez, “He surfs social networking sites looking for the pages of proud single mothers just aching to show potential dates how beautiful their children are and just hoping to attract men who will not only will love them, but will love their children too.

    Well, the single moms who put photos of their pre-school kids on their social networking homepages are certainly attracting at least one type of child-loving guy – pedophiles”

    “And single mothers almost always do it.” says, Jacquez. “Just look at the pages of Facebook and MySpace. It’s not only incredibly dangerous but worse, most single moms have absolutely no idea that it’s dangerous at all!”

    Literally, millions of single moms are now on social networks like Facebook and MySpace — and almost all of them proudly show off photos of their kids on their homepages and profiles.

    So if you’re a pedophile stalking preschoolers, half an hour of searching out single mothers on social sites and you’ve got a dozen lush candidates – photos and all – just a few key strokes away”.

    Not only that, continues Jacquez, “but the predators know that these kids are often protected only by lonely, vulnerable women. WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! It’s a pedophile’s dream!

    Read this excerpt from a report in the journal American Psychologist, published by the American Psychological Association, regarding pedophiles stalking pre-schoolers on the internet:

    “Finding prepubescent victims directly (on the Internet) is quite rare; such offenders use the Internet in other ways. Pedophiles typically get access to preschool victims through online contact with parents”

    “If you have pictures of your child on line,” says Jacquez, “don’t be too surprised to get a message like the following from some nice sounding guy”:

    “Hey! I just saw your profile on Facebook and you are one great looking lady — and that little girl of yours is just marvelous looking! She looks so bright etc. etc. etc!”

    “You’re going to have a new best friend very soon,” she says. “Count on it!”

    Who hasn’t heard of Lolita, one of the most famous books in America, in which the pedophile gets access to the prepubescent daughter by courting her divorced mother. You can still see the movie on cable TV with James Mason and Shelley Winters as the grown-ups and Sue Lyon as Lolita.?

    Jacquez also cites the following statistic from: Offender Characteristics, U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics re. Victim-offender relationships in sexual assault regarding who sexually assaults children under 6 years old.

    Who assaults children under 6 years old:

    Trusted family members: 48.6%
    Strangers: 3.1%
    Trusted family acquaintances: 48.3%

    “If a pedophile targets your child’s photo on your homepage, trust us,” says Jacquez, “they’ll become a ‘trusted family acquaintance’ soon enough. “

    “Don’t close down your social network homepages” Jacquez says. “Just get those photos of your kids off them!”

    “One thing more thing,” says Jacquez, “when you meet a new guy online, check him out immediately with us at Guys That Lie.com (www.guysthatlie.com). Our site is free and was built in order to empower women to check out the backgrounds of guys that they meet online.

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    Guys and Lies also has a special page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/guythatlie and on MySpace at www.myspace.com/guysthatlie.

    Jacquez asks you to please forward this article to single moms you know who have their kid’s photos online..

    Crystal Jacquez, managing editor
    Guys That Lie.com
    415 678-8610
    [email protected]

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