April 22, 2024
Annapolis, US 45 F

Mobbie Results

Eye On Annapolis Fares Well

Well, we did not win, but we made a great showing!  Thanks to everyone who voted for us.

The unofficial results are as follows:

Neighborhood Blog:  6th Placemobbies

News Blog:  5th Place

Political Blog: 3rd Place

However, as we know, strange things can happen in an election. Most of the winners seemed to come out of nowhere, so maybe there was some funny business going on. Maybe one of the winners will be out, in and then out again and Nick, Chuck, Gail, Trudy, Bess, and Tony can appoint us the winner!

But in all seriousness–thanks to all of our readers for their votes, we are very proud to have done as well as we did considering we are the new kid on the block!

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