February 22, 2024
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McFall Endorses Cordle

Trudy McFall  Crosses Party Lines

As we suspected, Trudy McFall has indeed endorsed Dave Cordle in his bid for Mayor.  Below are the comments Trudy sent out to her supporters and friends and the formal press release can be found here.

Dear Friends and Volunteers,

Later this afternoon, I will be joining in a press conference where I and Annapolitans for a Better Community (ABC) will be endorsing Dave Cordle for Mayor.  My press release is attached.  I know this news may be surprising to you and I wanted to provide some background to explain my decision.  I realized as I considered the candidates for the general election that Dave Cordle was, for me, the only possible choice.  I also found as I talked to several of you that many people were also leaning in that direction.  Each of the candidates asked for my support and I explained to both Josh Cohen and Chris Fox why I would not support them.  When Dave asked me for his support, I told him that, while I would personally vote for him, I could not endorse because he did not support the council-manager (i.e., a true City Manager) proposal that was in the referendum.

Dave indicated to me that he had been rethinking his position based on voter feedback and he was willing to explore the issue some more. After that, we joined together with Doug Smith and Bill Kardash of ABC (the folks leading the referendum effort) to see if we could all come to a consensus.  We met several times and worked through Dave’s concerns.  We found that with a change of only a few words, we had an agreement that all of us and the national ICMA industry group could support. In addition, to demonstrate his clear commitment to this proposal, Dave plans to introduce immediately legislation for the charter amendment to implement the council-manager proposal.  At this point, I and the ABC agreed to endorse Dave.

I think as volunteers and supporters you all know that the two defining issues of my campaign were to bring reform and change to City Hall, and to establish a council-manager form of government.  I now see Dave Cordle as the last and best opportunity to achieve these goals.  If you agree, I would encourage you to join with me in supporting Dave in the general election.

In the same bipartisan spirit of support, I am endorsing the two Republican candidates who support the council-manager proposal, namely Scott Bowling of Ward 3 and Greg Stiverson of Ward 6.  I will also be delighted to enthusiastically endorse the Democratic candidates who support the proposal, namely Dick Israel, Ross Arnett, Ian Pfeiffer, and Mat Silverman, if they would find that helpful.   I don’t know how they or the Democratic Party is likely to respond to this unusual display of non-partisan behavior, but I thought I would let the dust settle from this announcement first before asking them.

I want you to know that these endorsements are my own personal decisions and do not involve any of my campaign committee or volunteers.  The wonderful Dennis Conti, Carolyn Granger and Miranda Darden were not involved in this in any way, nor is it being sent to you by Friends of Trudy McFall.  Also from the time I first agreed to speak to Dave, the campaign discontinued its use of all of the Democratic Party services such as the VoteBuilder system.

Lastly, I am so grateful to all of you who supported me in the primary campaign and wrote me so many kind notes.  Please be assured that although we did not win, I think it was an incredible and valuable experience for me and, I hope, for the City.  I will continue to do what I can and I believe is right in order to help Annapolis be even better.  For right now I am relishing the joys of private life and this beautiful fall.  Let’s stay in touch.

Best Wishes,

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