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Jim Conley On The Tax Cap

“Why would you run for office and NOT support a Tax Cap that would benefit those that you serve?”

Jim Conley, Candidate for Alderman--Ward 5

Jim Conley, Candidate for Alderman--Ward 5

While out knocking on doors, I was asked the question you see above. As I left that voter’s home and kept knocking on doors the question kept coming up—time and time again. “Why would you run for office and NOT support a Tax Cap?”

Maybe those currently in office and those running for election want to retain the ability to “tax and spend” like the current administration has done for the last eight years? In this scenario, it is more of the same. Maybe they want to use the taxpayers as their personal ATM to fund a “special contract” or offer a payback for support in getting them elected.

The rationale behind my support of the Tax Cap is to limit the administration’s ability (now and for generations to come) to tax and spend at will. Certainly the last eight years, is a perfect example of why a Tax Cap is needed. Just last week, we sent 5 representatives of the City to Europe for a week because we were “nominated” for an award.  Over time, the Tax Cap will not only help the current residents of our great City; but also our children and their children for years to come.

Over the last eight years, the budget has grown from $50 million to over $86 million. The citizens have essentially given a blank check to our Mayor and Council for too long! Most Council members have never had to meet a payroll, much less balance and control a budget of this enormity. Quite frankly, they have no experience in managing a business, much less a government of this size.

“Has your income increased 126% since 2002 or even increased 20% in the last two years? That’s how much the city government’s income (property tax revenues) has increased. Is your life 126% more pleasant, or are the services 126% better because of it?” (Source: Capital Gazette 7/23/2009).

City taxes, on average, have gone up over $700.00 and County Taxes have gone up a mere $130.00. The Tax Cap is a proven entity and has worked well in the county through both Republican and Democratic administrations. It’s time to put the City of Annapolis on a “Tax Cap Diet”!

There is really no good reason to be against the Tax Cap—unless, of course, you support the never ending cycle of tax and spend, tax and spend, tax and spend… Maybe the candidates who oppose the Tax Cap are content with more of the same. Maybe they have some favors that might be cashed in if they mount a successful campaign.

I have heard some candidates throw out scary rhetoric such as, “Essential services will be diminished or compromised.” Nonsense! Voters should not be swayed by scare tactics. The solution is to elect strong leaders with business skills!  Going on a “Tax Cap Diet” will not impact these services at all; and if we cannot elect a great leader then the Tax Cap will prevent a weak leader from taxing and spending Annapolis into oblivion.

I support the Tax Cap 100% and my opponent in the Ward 5 Aldermanic Race opposes it 100%.  The choice is yours. Vote for Jim Conley to limit your property taxes and protect your hard earned income—now and in the future!

Vote November 3rd at the Salvation Army next to the “Pip Moyer Rec Center” on Hilltop Lane. Both Precincts in Ward 5 will vote there for this election.

Jim Conley, Aldermanic Candidate Ward 5


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