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Flip Flopping Politicians

Flip-FlopsDemocrat Or Republican, Does It Matter?

Is Gilbert Renaut a Democrat or an Independent? Is Scott Bowling a Republican or a Democrat? Is Laurie Sears-Deppa a Democrat or a Republican? Is Wayne Taylor a Republican or a Democrat? What about George Kelly? Is Dennis Callahan a Republican, Democrat, or Independent? And Trudy McFall, still a Democrat to our knowledge ran as a Democrat, endorsed a stable of Republicans. And if one blog is to be believed, she then soundly trashed her own party.

The easy answer is they have been all of them. While some will claim a switch to a particular party because of “ideals”, you can bet that (aside from the curious case of Laurie Sears-Deppa) that it is merely posturing one’s self for the best chances of winning a race.

Does anyone think Gil Renaut had a chance against a then popular Mayor running as an incumbent? Or that Scott Bowling had a chance against a two term Democrat? Just look at Dennis Callahan who seemingly is doing double dutch with his voter registration–first as a Republican, then as a Democrat, then as an Independent, and then back to a Democrat–serving under a Republican no less. And that is only from casual memory!

If the party affiliation does not matter to the candidates, why do we have them at all? After all, aren’t local politics supposed to be about local issues. We can leave the gun rights, abortion, illegal immigration and healthcare to the Federal and State wonks. Why not just elect the best person that will guide us locally in the best direction?

Does it really matter if a Democrat or a Republican holds the Mayor or County Executive’s office? How about a person who works for the people of the County and City and strives to attract more business and more jobs to the weakened economy and spends our tax dollars judiciously. Is that asking too much?

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