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Fair Business Versus Responsible Business

Chris Fox, Balances Fair And Responsible

Chris Fox, Independent Candidate For Mayor of Annapolis

Chris Fox, Independent Candidate For Mayor of Annapolis

One of the reasons why downtown Annapolis is so great is its eclectic nature. One of my goals is to find an appropriate balance between the residents and those who come to enjoy and learn in our town.

Sixteen years ago, a group of residents, and business-owners came together in agreement to prohibit any new 2:00 a.m. liquor licenses in the historic district. This agreement was established to protect residents living in the historic district from annoyances that often occur when restaurants and bars close at 2:00 a.m.

What needs to be addressed in the historic and downtown area of Annapolis, that has been too long ignored, is enforcement of laws and rules that currently exist. Rules and laws that pertain to restaurants and bars internally, and rules and laws that pertain to patrons externally need to be adequately enforced.

We cannot continue passively allowing bars and restaurants to operate in a detrimental and improper manner which adds negatively to downtown Annapolis, and its residents. We need to hold businesses accountable. These businesses need to maintain a high level of integrity and understand it is a privilege to own and operate a restaurant or bar in Annapolis.

While I believe that equal business practices is an integral part of this equation, I also know that enforcement is the number one priority in keeping harmony between residents and businesses. Annapolis as a city cannot continue to deter businesses away with unequal operating laws, and businesses cannot continue to be held unaccountable for their actions.

With that in mind, I recently met with Chief Pristoop and started drafting a plan to increase enforcement,both internally and externally, on local restaurants and bars, and their patrons.

My goal is to enact policies that allow our businesses to thrive, while protecting the property, privacy, and quality of life of residents. As Mayor, the following 4 strategies will be part of my policy.

  1. Explore a moratorium on the issuance of any new liquor licenses, regardless of closing time.
  2. Enforce parking laws and improve transportation efforts. Many of the problems experienced by residents occur when irresponsible bar patrons return to their illegally parked cars. Having parking enforcement officers on duty late at night can prevent many problems from occurring.
  3. Suspend or remove licenses for bars that do not correct violations.
  4. Provide unique enforcement of underage drinking laws, including more undercover officers patrolling bars, and ID checks when bar patrons are on the way out.

Ultimately, these policies, and other that will come, have at their core integrity, and mutual respect for all parties. This spells success and harmony for our businesses and residents, but will make our beautiful Annapolis even more attractive to new businesses and residents.

To find out more about why I am the best candidate to serve the Citizens of Annapolis, please visit my website, Fox For Mayor.

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