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Doper Released On Own Recognizance

13 Arrests In 8 Years, And They Let Him Goannapolis-police

What are the courts thinking? The police bring in a guy who evaded them, abandoned a car, threw away some cocaine, had $2000 in his pocket and had cocaine in his car.  The judge lets him free on his own recognizance.

That might make sense for a first time offender, but this guy has 13 arrests in the last 8 years!

The police report from Annapolis City Police Department:

Officers on patrol in the area of Hilltop Lane and Primrose Road ran a tag that came back as suspended. When officers activated their siren and lights, the driver refused to stop and drove towards the Truxton Park pool. The driver jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the woods behind the pool. While officers were chasing him, they saw him throw something while he was running. Officers caught the man and collected samples of what he had thrown. Those samples tested positive for cocaine. Officers discovered more suspected cocaine in the suspect’s car. The suspected cocaine weighed approximately 65 grams. Officers also found more than 2000 dollars in cash in the suspect’s pocket. Michael James Womack (DOB 3/20/83) of Silopanna Road in Annapolis was arrested and charged with Possession of a CDS with intent to distribute. He was released on his on recognizance.

And according to Maryland State Court records, here is his rap sheet:

  1. 2001 Possession of a controlled substance-marijuana
  2. 2001 Assault
  3. 2002 Assault
  4. 2003 Assault/Burglary/Destruction of property
  5. 2003 Trespass/Possession of a controlled substance/Assault/Resisting arrest
  6. 2003 Assault/Burglary/Destruction of property
  7. 2005 Possession of an open container
  8. 2005 Possession of a controlled substance-not marijuana
  9. 2006 Possession of a controlled substance-marijuana/Trespass
  10. 2006 Trespass
  11. 2007 Trespass
  12. 2008 Trespass
  13. 2009 Failure to display vehicle registration

So, just exactly how upstanding is this guy that some judge lets him loose? What are the chances we will see him back again?

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