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Democratic Response To Cordle Announcement

Nothing But Political Opportunism

The following statement was jointly released by Josh Cohen, Ross Arnett, and Dick Israel:

Cohen, Israel and Arnett Denounce Cordle Flip-Flop As Political Opportunism


I have no doubt that voters will see this last minute flip-flop for what it is: political opportunism. Our form of government has been debated for over a year, and up until today Dave Cordle and I held the same viewpoint. Now, with just 26 days remaining until Election Day, he flip-flops.

Dave is a good man, but he has a troubling pattern of flip-flops that raises serious concerns about his ability to lead this city as mayor.  Earlier this year he voted to impose a sidewalk tax only to reverse himself following a public outcry.  Today he reversed his long-standing position on the City Manager issue.  What’s going to be next?

Annapolitans deserve a mayor who has the courage of his convictions. Whether the issue is slot machines or our form of government, you may not always agree with me but you will always know where I stand and why.


Earlier this year, the City Council considered an amendment to the City Charter to establish a City Manager form of government. Both of us supported this amendment, but it failed leading to a citizen’s referendum attempt.

Alderman Cordle repeatedly voted against the amendment.

Now in the closing weeks of the mayoral campaign in which he is the Republican nominee with Independent candidate Chris Fox, a City Manager advocate, coming up strongly on his right, he has reconsidered his position.

Mr. Cordle has recently announced that he will introduce a City Manager amendment virtually identical to the ones he voted against. As the Council on which Alderman Cordle and we serve will leave office on December 7th, there will not be time to adopt this important change to the form of City governance.

His reconsideration of his position appears to be a “fox-hole” conversion.


Cordle was the deciding vote against a city manager who reports to the city council earlier this year. [City Council Minutes, 2/9/09, Roll Call Vote on CA-04-08]

Cordle voted for a city manager who reports to the mayor earlier this year. [City Council Minutes, 2/9/09, Roll Call Vote on CA-06-08]


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