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Customer Service Fail: Wawa In Edgewater

| October 09, 2009, 01:17 PM | 7 Comments

Wawa Drops BallWawa

Usually, Wawa has a very friendly staff. The food is good. The value is good. The gas is cheap. But this morning, something went dreadfully wrong at the Wawa store on Route 2 in Edgewater, MD

It was about 7:10 am and my daughter wanted to get a breakfast sandwich. We went in, placed the order on the very convenient touch screen computer, got a cup of coffee, a fountain soda and the daily issue if USA Today.

It was crowded and there was a line at the cashier, but everyone was behaving and all was good. Until it was our turn to give Wawa cold hard cash for our purchases. We approached the woman at the register (front left if you were looking out of the store) and she put up her hand and said, “that’s it, I’m done.”   After waiting in line, I thought that we might be taken at another register, or perhaps a different cashier was coming in.

I looked at her and held up the purchases and asked about paying for them, and she put up the hand again and reiterated that she was done.

We left our purchases at the counter–a custom made breakfast sandwich, a cup of coffee and a cup of soda (both with sips removed) and the USA Today newspaper. As the cashier was giving us the evil eye (no doubt ticked that she needed to throw away a sandwich, soda, and coffee and re-stock a newspaper), we looked briefly for a manager in the office next to the exit–none was to be found.

Dear Wawa, Burger King thanks you for the additional business they sent you this morning. Maybe we can try it again next week.

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  1. Mike Davis says:

    My name is Mike Davis and I am the Area Manger for this Wawa. I appreciate your feedback and am very concerned about this situation.Please contact me at the email below.

    Mike Davis
    Area Manager
    [email protected]

  2. DC says:

    I too just had a rather horrid customer service experience which I admit is rare for me at a Wawa Store… Although this time the employee (who was also the manager on duty) processed my $25 debit card transaction. This was about store #920 and while I do not think that Mike Davis (from the previous comment) is not the Area Manager for this store I emailed him as well (The ‘contact us’ form kept telling me I had an invalid character in my comments… interestingly enough it was the store manager and another employee that had invalid character, in my opinion)…

    Here is my original letter to Mike –

    To Whom it may concern:
    Let me start of by saying that I have been a pretty big Wawa fan for many years. I regularly buy many Wawa brand items (Milk, Gasoline, Deli items, etc). I am even a fan on Facebook.
    I know people have bad days and even bad weeks. In reference to my shopping experience tonight at store #920 near the Atlantic City Air Port at about 1am, in all my many years of enjoyably shopping at many different Wawa stores I have never run across a group of irate and generally rude employees that I have tonight. I do not take these things personally, but I do feel bad for all the other customers that felt the wrath of these two female employees tonight. One was the store manager on duty and it felt as if she wanted no customers to even step foot on the property. She even made a comment, in haste, that she didn’t know where ‘these people’ come from cause this Wawa is in the middle of the woods.
    While I do not feel it is my duty nor do I feel I have an overwhelming need to improve Wawa’s customer experience (mainly, in part, because Wawa’s employees are generally happy to sell Wawa services and items) I do feel bad for the other customers in the store that we treated as if they were scum that shouldn’t be shopping at this particular Wawa during their shift.
    I do not want to get into particulars about other comments or attitude related treatment of customers, however if you wish me to I can and will. I am just writing this to you as a simple notification that may add to a list of complaints you may or may not get about these two employees during this shift at this location.

    Thank you for your time,

  3. AMS says:

    Wow, the people in Edgewater are getting a raw deal in the customer service department. I, too, like Wawa and am shocked by the rude experience you had at their Route 2 location (as well as the other one in Atlantic City). I had a similar horrendous experience at the Safeway pharmacy on Central Avenue (Route 214) in Edgewater. I eventually talked to an empathetic assistant manager but that didn’t erase my experience there. How do these people employed when there are so many other worthy people looking for jobs? I thought that customer service was supposed to improve with a depressed economy.

  4. JWF says:

    In defense of Wawa….they were right on this (see prior comment) and Mike and I had a great email conversation back and forth.

    It was a rarity for Wawa and I believe it has been resolved and I have been back many times since.

    I will be doing a follow up on this; but it is good to know that at least in some companies, people are listening!

  5. unknown says:

    If it was 7:10 in the morning, it was probably around shift change. That is, however, no excuse for a cashier to act so rudely even if they have been there since 11:00 pm and are ready to go. I work at the Wawa in Edgewater, and I have since February 2009. I can’t imagine any of my coworkers acting this way. So far, I think Wawa is a pretty good company to work for and everyone I work with has awesome customer service skills. Even though I was not involved in this situation, I personally apologize for your bad experience. I know that my fellow Wawa employees and I do everything we can to assist our customers and make their shopping experience a pleasant one. Please come back and visit us!

  6. JWF says:

    It was about that time–maybe a little later. But you are right, it was an off day and very atypical of Wawa. Been back many times. SOmetimes people wake up on the wrong side of the bed–and that’s ok. Just unfortunate when it is taken out on an innocent bystander!

    All is good in Wawa land!

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