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County Council Pulls Fast One

indecisionDéjà Vu With Arundel Slots

Once again, the County Council has stalled taking action on the slots referendum which was voted for by the citizens of this county last year. But this time, they are trying to convince voters that they are actually doing something.

Do they think the voters have such short memories? It seemed just yesterday that they postponed taking any action because Ed Reilly was appointed to the Senate and they needed to get a replacement.

Last night they postponed any deliberation on two bills (just to confuse the matter) until December. Well, I wonder what the excuse will be in December?  Maybe it is because they will need to replace Josh Cohen who is running for Mayor of Annapolis?

Once again, the inaction of the County Council should be inexcusable to the voters who elected them to make these decisions. We know that any decision will not please everyone, but they were elected to serve their constituents. They are paid to serve their constituents.

Once again, it is time to stop the games led by Cathy Vitale and schedule a vote on the bill immediately. The people who gave the Council their jobs made their desires known almost one year ago. What is the problem? Could it be an upcoming election?

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