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Conley Responds To Allegations In Paper

Conley Fires Back At Capital

Jim Conley, allegations made by Capital exaggerated.
Jim Conley, allegations made by Capital exaggerated.

Republican Aldermanic Candidate, Jim Conley has released a statement regarding the allegations against him which were made public on Saturday.  The Capital (who initially reported the allegations) is meeting with Conley this afternoon for a follow up article.

In his statement, Conley soundly refutes many of the allegations and comes forward (as he had on his website prior to the article in The Capital) about the financial downfall of his business.

As we have said many times, local politics is more about beauty(figuratively) than brains, and we elect our leaders based on their popularity.  Does Conley have the homeward support to pull this off? Is the explanation enough?

The full details of Conley’s release can be found after the jump.

I would like to address the misrepresentation of my past personal situation in The Capital Gazette’s article written by Joshua Stewart dated October 10, 2009.

There is a lawsuit mentioned in the article, which is the diamond mine in Ghana, West Africa. I have been dismissed from this suit. It is frivolous and libelous.  The plaintiff entered our investment group by his own accord as a 5% partner with a simple written agreement. There was NO agreement (written or inferred) as to when there would be returns on investments.  It was a simple agreement to buy 5% of the group, no more, no less.  The corporation continues to operate.  As we have not yet turned a profit, there are no returns.  The plaintiff  was very aware of this agreement.  In fact, we were approached by the plaintiff, as opposed to what the article stated.

To address my bankruptcy, my wife and I had saved our money to open our own mortgage company and live the American Dream of owning your own company.  We opened 3 offices in three different states and employed many people.  This came to a screeching halt with the financial crash and in retrospect as a business we expanded too quickly.  65% of our industry lost their careers and much more.  We depleted our savings and retirement accounts and the debts became insurmountable.  In the end, we declared bankruptcy at the advice of counsel.

Within the last year and years prior, I have been able to volunteer at St. Mary’s Elementary School, coach city youth football at P.A.L. Park and I am a Varsity football coach at St. Mary’s High School. In order to be eligible for this, one must pass a criminal background check by the Maryland State Police and Anne Arundel County.  I passed a financial background check by my employer and each time I apply for Power of Attorney and underwriting privileges, another financial check is required.  I currently have Power of Attorney to write up to $750,000,000.00 in Governmental Surety Bonds.  I believe if I have Power of Attorney to write this much in Governmental Surety Bonds, my financial background has been properly vetted.  I also believe that these corporations have sufficiently better resources to do a financial background check than The Capital.

As far as the residency issue, it is very clear.  I have lived at 306 Riding Ridge Road in Ward 5 for the past 7 months and most certainly registered in the required amount of time to be eligible to run for Ward 5 Alderman.

I love my City and chose to raise my family in Annapolis.  I had opportunities to “run”, “reinvent myself” and “take a job offer” in another state however, I have chosen to remain here in Annapolis to face the music.

My families’ past has been similar to many other citizens in this economic downturn that has affected Annapolis and the Nation.  Having our past difficulties put in such a public light has been quite a struggle.  Questions do need to be asked, but all of the information should be made public prior to judgments being made.
If there are any questions, you may call me directly @ 443-336-1382 or reach me on my website – conleyforward5 .com

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