September 27, 2023
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Conley And Kirby Under Microscope

bankruptCapital Gazette Digs Up Some Dirt

Perhaps The Capital learned from their mistakes with the Zina Pierre debacle. Today, they cast a long shadow on two aldermanic races in Annapolis–Ward 5 and Ward 6.

In their story, they highlighted the often questionable financial past of James Conley (Republican Candidate for Ward 5) and Kenny Kirby (Democratic Candidate for Ward 6).

The paper reported that Conley has several pending suits regarding an African Diamond Mine investment plan, two bankruptcies, and many liens including his homeowner’s association and ironically the City Of Annapolis for unpaid water bills.

In Ward 6, it was disclosed that Kirby had liens against him from the IRS as well as issues with paying his court ordered child support.  When questioned why he did not advise authorities of a new job, Kirby rhetorically asked if he was supposed to call and let them know to lien him at the new job.

It did not take long for the Democrats to issue statements concerning Conley’s financial woes.  Nick Berry, Chairman of the Annapolis Democratic Central Committee, sent out an email earliler tonight condemning Conley’s actions.

Republican Ward 5 candidate Jim Conley’s financial problems make those of any other candidate pale by comparison. The Three Miners Investment Co. looks like a Ponzi Scheme. Where did the money go? Over 32 creditors at one time owed more than $1,175,000! Conley filed twice for bankruptcy and he is a deadbeat to his community association, owing $1,318 in dues. He says he tried to cut expenses during the economic downturn, then why more than $6,000 in unpaid Redskins’ tickets? And he has the chutzpah to say that his financial situation was “out of my control.”

Nick Berry, Chairman- Annapolis Democratic Central Committee

Conley’s opponent, Mat Silverman also issued a similar statement.

It is crucial that the constituents of the fifth ward take these discrepancies and Conley’s financial past into account when they decide who will be the best person to represent their political needs and quality of life. As leaders, we understand first hand that people can make mistakes when it comes to their personal finances. Unfortunately, these allegations go above and beyond what can be expected of our political leaders. We must elect leaders who are going to protect our best financial interests, and not force us to worry that our hard earned tax dollars are being spent in frivolous and irresponsible ways.

Mat Silverman, Democratic Candidate for Alderman, Ward 5

While allegations such as these appear damaging on the surface, the voters of Annapolis will need to wait until November 3rd to see if they really made a difference.

However, while The Capital is learning lessons, this might also be a good time for the Central Committees to learn some as well.  During the Zina debacle, Nick Berry kept insisting that they do not do any vetting of candidates. Well, maybe it is about time.

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