June 21, 2024
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Another Bank Of America Warning

Bank Allows Skimmers On Eastern Shore ATM For 2 Weeksbank-america-logo

Our regional partner, WBAL-TV has reported about yet another ATM skimming scam at Bank of America ATMs.

The last time it was in at a Bank of America ATM in Bel AIr, and this time it is at a Bank of America branch in Stevensville on Kent Island on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  According to the Sheriff, 88 people have reported fraudulent transactions and the investigation is continuing.

However, this begs the question, what is Bank of America doing to stop this? It appears that the preferred target for the crooks is Bank of America.  Are their ATMs less secure than others? Are they used more often than others; allowing skimmers to capture more information? Does the bank not have surveillance on its ATMs? Or does the bank simply not care?

Please note the dates in the report. The skimmer was used (to their best of their knowledge) from September 2, 2009 through October 9, 2009. THIS IS TWO FULL WEEKS!

When skimming is on the rise nationwide and it has been documented in the area–both in Annapolis, Bel Air, and now Stevensville–doesn’t it make sense for the bank to send an employee outside to physically check to make sure the ATM has not been compromised?

That seems like a logical solution to me; but perhaps Bank of America is too focused on retaining the fee they charge.

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