April 22, 2024
Annapolis, US 43 F

Annapolis Transit Under Assault

Rash Of Bus Beatings ContinuesAnnapolis-Transit

First it happened last week, when a man was trapped inside a City bus and ended up0 crawling out the emergency hatch and tossing a brick at the bus.

And now, three days later, another bus comes under attack from a disgruntled rider.  According to the Annapolis Police Department daily report:

Officer’s responded to the 900 block of Spa Road and spoke with an Annapolis Transit Bus Driver who said that a man who was upset about not being able to sit with his wife had punched an broken a bus window with his fist. John Archambeau was charged withMalicious Destruction of Property and banned from riding City buses until further notice.

And in an unrelated story, the author of that paragraph has been summoned to Fourth Grade language arts.

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