February 22, 2024
Annapolis, US 46 F

A Political Wrench

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Last night, Annapolis Mayoral Candidate Dave Cordle sent a message to his Facebook fans announcing a big announcement. That seems to be the latest thing–announce that you are going to announce something.

But this must be a really BIG announcement because it is planned for today at 5:30pm at City Hall. You know, in the middle of rush hour, in the middle of a city that is known for traffic woes, and in the middle of the city’s largest single event— the US Sailboat Show.  So with all that under consideration, it must be big.

Maybe he is staging a coup d’etat and will be overthrowing the current administration and taking the office by force? Or at least maybe introducing some controversial legislation to introduce a City Manager without the need for a voter referendum?

More immediately, this is probably an event aimed at throwing yet another wrench into the race.

It is expected that Trudy McFall will throw her support and endorsement to Republican Ward 3 Candidate Scott Bowling.  Bowling will also pick up the support and endorsement of the Annapolitans For A Better Community (the City Manager guys and the de facto Ward One Resident’s Association)

Trudy McFall, the Democratic Candidate who lost the primary to Zina Pierre and Josh Cohen, is expected to throw her support to Republican Cordle in his quest for the office. Mind you, the primary race was very competitive and Trudy McFall captured nearly 25% of the Democratic vote. Additionally, at the time, McFall was the only candidate to support the City Manager, and now that Cordle appears to be a supporter, she is throwing her weight (and her supporters) into his court.

This could be a race changer. But it does emphasize that there really is no need for a partisan election in Annapolis. Looking back, Sears-Deppa was a Republican and became a Democrat, Renaut was an independent and became a Democrat, now McFall who IS a Democrat is supporting a Republican. Maybe it is time to introduce legislation into City Council to do away with the partisan elections?

Stay tuned, and if anyone makes it downtown this afternoon, please let us know if the speculation was on the mark!

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