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Will Caroom Cut Raszewski A Break

Judge May Rule Him Tried As Minor

David Benjamin Raszewski, 17. May be sent to juvenile court.
David Benjamin Raszewski, 17. May be sent to juvenile court.

It seems that the Anne Arundel County bench is again signaling their weakness and hesitancy to enforce serious sentences for serious crimes.  In the past we have seen Anne Arundel County judges give sex offenders home confinement in the same home where they molested their own daughter (Manck), first degree murder sentences reduced to 30 years (Loney), gang members having their sentence cut in half because there are gangs in state prisons (North), and a major drug dealer sentenced to a few days in jail (Hackner).

So now it seems that Judge Philip T. Caroom may be allowing David Benjamin Raszewski, 17, to be tried as a minor for the rape and molestation of a 7 year old girl last March. As an adult, he is facing life in prison. Tried as a juvenile, it is 4 years max and a clean record!

Caroom is to rule on this motion June 8th.

So called “experts” have testified that Raszewski is likely to commit similar crimes in the future. Yet, those same experts say that the juvenile system has better programs to potentially rehabilitate sex offenders.

This seems like an awfully risky bet. What happens if the juvenile system is not able to rehabilitate Raszewski? Do we just release him to the world and wait till he attacks again? It seems more logical to put him away for life and be sure he will not attack again.

In the trial, additional information came out including his porn addiction, his diagnosis of autism which was rejected by his mother; and the fact that after the rape, he played poker with his mom as if nothing happened.

Why is the Anne Arundel bench even considering putting countless people at risk because there is a better chance of rehabilitation? Raszewski, is old enough to have known what he did was wrong. The girl cried and screamed during the attack, yet he did not stop.  Judge Caroom, do the right thing and try this man as an adult and sentence him accordingly!

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