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Violent Criminals Put On Notice

Annapolis Police Bring In Criminals To Explain Consequences

The Annapolis Police Department brought in 12 violent offenders to explain the consequences of a repeat offense. This seems like a good way to get a clear message across. However, one of the offenders did not show up, and another showed up at the police station with a concealed weapon. No one said these were smart offenders.

We wish the APD and the Capital City Safe Streets program all the success. However, we will reserve judgment until we see how our weak jurists handle the cases when they reach the courts.

From an Annapolis Police Department press release:

The Annapolis Police Department and several of its partners from the Capital City Safe Streets program called in 13 repeat violent offenders from Annapolis on Tuesday, September 22, 2009. The call in was an opportunity to explain, face-to-face, the consequences a criminal will encounter if they continue on the path of violent crime.

The message was clear to the offenders; commit another crime and we will do everything we can and use every resource to put you away for as long as possible.

As the offenders arrived for the meeting they each given a personalized pamphlet which detailed the amount of federal time each offender could receive if they were arrested and convicted for a weapon or narcotic charge. The violent offenders were also told there are no second chances. This is the final warning.

If the violent offender is arrested again but does not meet federal guidelines they will be prosecuted in state court. Assistant State’s Attorney Robin Rickard told the group they have been identified, their folders will be marked and the state will not offer any plea deals and will seek the upper limits of the sentencing guidelines.

If the violent offender is arrested and they meet federal guidelines they will be prosecuted in federal court. United States’ Attorney Michael Hanlon told the offenders that federal time means longer sentences without suspending time, incarceration in another state and minimal good behavior time. He also provided recent examples of cases he has prosecuted.

William Turc Jr., a Parole and Probation Field Supervisor and Chief Michael Pristoop addressed the group as well.

“The idea is to let the criminals know that they are not invisible, said Chief Michael Pristoop of the Annapolis Police Department. “We want them to understand that we know where they are and that the APD and our local, state, and federal partners plan to aggressively prosecute people who violate the law. The program’s greatest strength is the cooperation between the various city, state and federal agencies.”

Twelve of the 13 offenders reported for the meeting. Agents from Parole and Probation are seeking a warrant for the offender who did not attend the meeting. Another offender, Aaron Boggs, was arrested for possession of a concealed deadly weapon. A weapon was recovered from Boggs when he was scanned with a handheld metal detector.

The Annapolis Police Department is dedicated to preserving the quality of life in Annapolis by ensuring the community’s livability, safety and security and by planning and preparing for disasters. We are committed to providing the highest standards of police service through adherence to the values of honesty, integrity and the respect of human dignity to all.

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