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Strike Three Comcast–You Really Suck

| September 24, 2009, 10:59 AM | 6 Comments

Yet Another OutageComcast Sucks

UPDATE:  Went to the local office and they are as apathetic as they come! I asked how big the outage was, they did not know. I asked how long. They did not know.  Asked about a credit for the down time and they said they don’t do that.  Way to go Comcast!  Greetings from a coffee shop that has a reliable internet provider!

Tuesday night, Comcast lost internet for a good portion of Annapolis from approximately 7pm till sometime on Wednesday morning. A call on Tuesday night revealed it would be up in less than an hour.  A call on Wednesday morning (after listening to Shaq & Ben, a 15 minute wait because they were extra busy at 615am, and having to reconfirm everything I just said into their ridiculous voice system) revealed that the Internet was out. Well, thanks for the news flash–wasn’t it me that called you to tell you that? When asked how much longer, I was put on hold, and then promptly disconnected.  A call back–Shaq and Ben are still working hard–and an immediate disconnection.

Is anyone seeing a problem here? Comcast is not only having problems keeping it up, they are having trouble in hooking up in the first place. They have drugs for that you know!

So the service was restored somewhere around 9am after a 14 hour outage.

This morning, they outdid themselves. Not content to merely screw with the Internet, they decided to do a complete outage–television, Internet, and phone. When I called from my cell (same drill with Shaq and Ben and the info and the wait) I was told that there was indeed an outage. Apparently the kindergarten recruiting is not going so well. When asked about the duration, I was told by 730am.   Here it is at 9:00am and I am sitting in a local coffee shop using their Verizon connection and on my second cup of hot chocolate attempting to get my work done.

Comcast, what is the problem? You can’t fix pixelated television, you can’t keep your services running, and you are really not too honest with your dwindling customers? You do appear to be very prompt on your invoicing and late notices however. You seem to be good spending money to have Shaq and Ben answer your phones. But what about the basic service you are supposed to provide.  As my teen would say–FAIL!

I am tired of calling the local office to get credit for service interruptions. It would be a lot easier to just have decent service. Is that asking too much?

Well, since we are moving in to baseball post season play, I say three strikes and you are out. It actually has been many more, but at this time, there really is no incentive to continue with you. I am not sure Verizon-FIOS is any better, but I have heard less complaints from friends who have it.  It may be a hassle changing phone numbers and there may be some down time in the transition, but to be honest, it is likely worth it if they can go a month without an outage.

In case you are wondering about the past strikes I have mentioned, here is strike one, here is strike two, and this is strike three.  Back to the locker room for Comcast.

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  1. ComcastMark says:

    I would really like for our regional contacts to investigate the causes of these outages. Will you please let us know the phone number associated with the account?

    Again, I apologize for the troubles we caused.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations
    [email protected]

  2. John says:

    Comcast had about 20 strikes before AA county finally okay’d FIOS. I, as did most of my neighbors, immediately made the switch. The funny thing was, when we first moved back down here in 2001, service wasn’t bad at all (much better than NYC), then they closed their Gambrills office and started to cost cut, hiring contractors, having managers call you a liar over the phone, etc…..

  3. JWF says:


    Thanks for your concern, but really, isn’t it enough that people pay your bills and you don’t provide consistent service? Now we need to do what really is YOUR job? If so, please send me some tools, a shovel and one of those nifty flashing lights for my car and I will take care of it.

    But seriously, it is in Annapolis. Perhaps you can call your local office (Bay Ridge Road over Jerry’s Subs)and find out from them. Maybe they will be more receptive to you than to a measly customer.

    While I cannot say that Fios will be any better, with the track record of Comcast, I have to think it almost has to be. If not, at least they have a promotion that will offset your creeping rates.

    It is nice that you appear to be responsive and I understand you are not personally responsible, but honestly all you are doing is providing more of the same lip service every one else has. This morning I was told it would be up by 7:30am and that the outage was just near my home and that anything beyond 750′ of my house was not affected. Total BS! Now you come forth with a noble effort of having your contacts look into it. Sorry, a day late and a dime short. Tomorrow will begin the Fios process of conversion.

    When you get a moment, let Shaq and Ben know that their paycheck might be a little light this month as you lost yet another long time customer for poor service and even poorer customer service. And you may want to see if they might give up a little more and try recruiting your local office people from the first grade–kindergarten is apparently not working too well for you.

    Check back and I will be sure to let everyone know how painful or painless the Fios switch was!

  4. Dave says:

    We switched to FIOS, probably 3 years ago. There have been no service interruptions. We had our Wireless internet box go bad, and had a new one the next day. The internet speed is a fast as my office where we are on a T1 line. I can work from home as easily as frommy office. You really don’t have to suffer the fools at Comcast if you have the FIOS option. Thise commercials for FIOS on TV are dead on, when they show the pathetic Comcast installer and all his problems.

  5. SevernaPark Guy says:


    As I have stated before…I canceled Comcast 3+ years ago when Verizon went through my Community in SP. I can say, under oath, that in three years I have NEVER, EVER had an Internet (or TV) outage. I have a DEDICATED 20 MB stream to my house. Several months after Internet I signed up for TV service…again no issues (until I cut the line). Anyway, Verizon has been outstanding all around. Do they have issues…yea sometimes the billing get screwed up, but the service far outweighs any shortcomings. Good luck!

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