June 25, 2024
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More Intrigue To The Pierre Saga

Was Mike Busch Involved?

Yesterday, when The Sun first reported that Annapolis mayoral hopeful Zina Pierre was again back in the race there was a quote attributed to Speaker of the House of Delegates, Mike Busch. Strangely, that quote has been pulled from the article but to paraphrase, he said that Zina would need to explain her position to the committee and then the committee woudl need to decide if a replacement was needed.

Initially, Nick Berry, chairman of the committee stated that they did not influence her decision one way or the other.  In following up, he indicated that the committee was indeed behind her upon her re-entry. In fact, Pierre’s own release states that she has the support of the committee–although it seemed to be an awkward statement. So the question remains, is Zina Pierre the democratic candidate for mayor? Or will there be some influences working behind the scenes?

To further the idea that there are other democratic forces at work, another local blogger and Republican activist, Brian Griffiths has posted on his blog that he received a tip which read in part:

We are hearing that zina was strongarmed by Mike Busch and and DCC, and that’s why she backed down so quickly… Zina was convinced to stay in the race by Robert eades (a local activist) and carl snowden, telling her that she doesn’t owe anything to her party but owes it to the black community to finish the race.

So, we have a quote that all of a sudden disappears from The Sun, and a tip that supports some more electoral shenanigans.

Stay tuned, we believe that this story is just getting started.

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