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CorksAnnapolis Mayor: Drink More Wine Recycle More Corks

Mayor Ellen Moyer announced that she and the Department of Neighborhood and Environmental programs will be collecting wine corks to recycle.

Last year, Annapolitans collected 15,000 corks out of an estimated 15 billion wasted. Considering that this year will see a change in the administration, the City Hall donations should increase.

However, if the Council and Mayor are really in favor of this recycling program, doesn’t a 2am license for bars and restaurants make sense? Really, think of all the wasted efforts between midnight and 2am.

The official release from the Mayor’s Office with all the details is after the jump.

Annapolis, MD (9-16-09) Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer and the Department of Neighborhood and Environmental Programs will once again collect wine corks for recycling.

A number of Annapolis’ restaurants, wine bars and package stores will participate in the recycling effort by collecting corks from wine sold or served to their customers. Boatyard Bar & Grill, the Breeze Restaurant in Loews Hotel, Café Normandie, Galway Bay, Lewnes Steakhouse and The Rockfish will all take part in the recycling effort.

Residents can recycle too by collecting corks from their homes, or making it a community effort and collect corks from the neighborhood. Just drop off the corks in the wooden wine barrel available in the lobby of City Hall or at Bay Ridge Wine & Spirits, B. B. Bistro, Eastport Liquors, Leeward Market or Mills Fine Wine.  The corks will be collected for recycling through the end of October.

The corks will be recycled by TerraCycle, an eco-friendly innovator who will be “upcycling” the used corks, both natural and synthetic, into bulletin boards. It is estimated that fifteen billion wine corks are thrown out each year in the United States, enough to circle the earth sixteen times.  Last year Annapolitans collected an estimated 15,000 corks.  For additional information please contact Maria Broadbent, Environmental Coordinator at 410-263-7946.

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