April 24, 2024
Annapolis, US 71 F

Dear Capital…


An Open Letter To HomeTownAnnapolis.com

Despite my occasional criticisms, I enjoy The Capital. I really do. I also enjoy the online version, HomeTownAnnapolis.com.  I enjoy the comments, the additional content, and the blogs.  I even follow you on Twitter and think I may be a fan of your Facebook page!

But I am not too thrilled with the damned pop up ads. Hey, we have ads as well and encourage people to click on them and check them out (baby needs new shoes); but the pop ups on HomeTownAnnapolis.com are really irritating.

Yes, I know there are a variety of adblockers available and some may work. Unfortunately, all the ones I have found work too well. I use some proprietary software that requires allowing popup windows so I can’t block them.

I know you are slowly wading into the online swimming pool, but seriously, pop ups are irritating and definitely on the way out.  Do you think you can do somethign about that?

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