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Annapolis Mayor’s Race

Zina Pierre Looks To Have Won Democratic Nod

Zina PIerre, Democratic Candidate For Mayor of Annapolis
Zina Pierre, Democratic Candidate For Mayor of Annapolis

And now the race begins.  In yesterday’s primary election, Zina Pierre edged out Josh Cohen and Trudy McFall to win the Democratic nod for mayor heading in to Annapolis’ general election on November 3, 2009.

Pierre, a relative newcomer to Annapolis politics clearly demonstrated that she was paying attention to the happenings a few doors down the hall when she worked for President Clinton as a special assistant.  She called in her favors and mobilized a small army to get the vote out to support her candidacy. Preliminary results show Pierre in the lead with 1411 votes or 37.7% of democratic voters.

Josh Cohen, a former Alderman and current County Councilman was a close second with 1296 (34.6%) votes. Hosing Executive Trudy McFall garnered 917 (24.5%). There were no other contested offices on the Democratic ticket.

There were no contested Republican candidates for Mayor or any office.

Dave Corde, Republican Candidate For Mayor of Annapolis
Dave Corde, Republican Candidate For Mayor of Annapolis

Republican Candidate Dave Cordle captured 362 votes.

The primary saw approximately 4200 voters descend on the polls. This represented an almost 18% turnout.

Independent mayoral Candidate Chris Fox, Owner of the Sly Fox Pub has already been certified to run in November.

So there you have it. Zina Pierre, Dave Cordle and Chris Fox slugging it out for the next 48 days trying to earn your vote. Please don;t be apathetic–learn what you can about the candidates in the next two month and a half. Remember, we must live with our decision for four years, so please choose wisely. Visit their websites, read The Capital, read the local blogs (Annapolis Decides, Arundel Mukraker, Annapolis Capital Punishment and of course Eye On Annapolis), make an effort to meet the candidates, and read the information they send to you.

Chris Fox, Independent Candidate For Mayor of Annapolis
Chris Fox, Independent Candidate For Mayor of Annapolis

Hopefully with all the talk about “One Annapolis” the candidates will realize there are more residents than those registered as a Democrat or Republican. Many voters in local elections will vote for the candidate and not the party. There are plenty of people willing to cross the party line, so the candidates that reaches out to the voters (and not their voters) will likely be the one to get the nod in November!

For the City’s Unofficial Results, please click here.  Provisional and absentee ballots have not been counted but it is believed that they will not alter the outcome of this race.

To learn more about any of the three candidates for Mayor, clicking their photos will take you directly to their campaign websites!

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