June 19, 2024
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Trudy McFall Responds

McFall Responds To Negative Site

The following statement was just released from the McFall campaign:

I have run a campaign promising real reform at City Hall and an end to the status quo.  This anonymous website, with its smear tactics, is clearly an attempt to defeat me and protect the status quo. These tactics are disappointing, but not surprising about a campaign offering real reform.

Virtually all of the attacks relate to my volunteer service to improve public housing.  How ironic that I am the only candidate for Mayor that has devoted the time and effort to improve public housing and, for this, I am attacked.  Of course, the public housing system is not perfect, nor will it ever be.  But during my tenure a few years ago as Chairman, we made major progress on many fronts to improve public housing, the listing of which is available on my website.

To attack me for giving my free and volunteer efforts to improve public housing and to play on the negative feelings that the broader community has about public housing is simply ugly and mean spirited.

Because most of these anonymous smear tactics have been going on for some time, I have had responses to them posted in the Facts Check section of my website for a good while.  I encourage voters and others to go there.

As I have said often in my campaign, I have tackled some of Annapolis’ toughest problems and this has taken courage.  I will continue to be a candidate and a Mayor who pushes for change so that these kinds of smear tactics will be a thing of the past.

–Trudy McFall, Democratic Candidate For Mayor

Trudy McFall, Democratic Candidate For Mayor

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