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Have A Cup Of  Coffee And Sign The Petitioncity-manager

Saturday is supposed to be a lot cooler. So why not wake up a bit ealy and head downtown to the Hard Bean Coffee & Booksellers for a newspaper, a cup of coffee and a petition?

Yes a petition. If you have not heard, a local group, Annapolitans for a Better Community, has launched a drive to ask the voters if they feel a City manager is the right choice for Annapolis. In order to put the question to the citizens of Annapolis, they need to collect more than 5000 names on a petition and they are making a push on Saturday.

ABC is looking for signatures (so come on down and sign it if you haven’t) and volunteers to fan out across the city for a few hours to collect some signatures that are missing. This is one small thing you can do for your community.

Remember, this petition is not for the hiring of a city manager. It is only for “permission” to put the choice to the voters.  This referendum is one of the core principles this Country was founded upon and as a citizen, you ought to take it seriously. If you support the initiate, or not, doesn’t it make sense in our representative government to allow the question to be asked?

Eye On Annapolis will be there lending a hand and we hope to see you there as well!

ABC Petition Drive
Saturday, August 15, 2009
8:30 AM
Hard Bean Coffee & Booksellers
City Dock
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