December 11, 2023
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More Judicial Jesters

3 Lbs Of Pot= 2 Days In Jail

Once again, the Judges of Anne Arundel County are running amok.  This time, Judge Paul Hackner sentenced a drug dealer to two days in county prison –which he had already served when he was arrested!

Back on April 3, 2009, we reported on a major drug bust in Severna Park, where Arthur Paul Gonsalves was arrested for dealing drugs from his gas station.

Detectives located 30.9 grams of suspected marijuana under the front counter. Detectives located a locked safe in the back office, where 30 bags of suspected marijuana were seized. Additionally, detectives located and seized an additional 29 bags of suspected marijuana, a digital scale, over $13,000.00 of U.S. Currency and over 6 grams of suspected cocaine from the back office.

This guy had an ounce under the counter ready to go to the next customer and had 59 more bags waiting! And to round out his inventory, he also had a quarter ounce of cocaine!  This was not a roach found under the seat (which incidentally has drawn more prison time in the past), the guy had the dope, the scales, the money and the intent to distribute drugs.

And this also needs to be recognized for what it is–a slap in the face to the law enforcement officers who worked so hard to take this dealer off the streets.  What was the cost of a 2 month investigation by police? What message does this send to them? At the very least, maybe the dealer could cough up some of his drug money to pay for the investigation. Judge Hackner, you truly should be ashamed!

Once again, our Jokestice system has failed us!   Why wasn’t this drug dealer given $20 and told to go play in Baltimore? It worked so well the last time when Hackner sentenced a man who broke into the police station, stole uniforms, impersonated an officer and tried to steal services from the Loews Annapolis Hotel.  Is the bench in Anne Arundel County in need of a daily dose of Aricept?

And a special note to The Sunday Capital,

“Things went terribly bad for him,” Fayne said, noting that Gonsalves stood to loose $250,000 if the gas station went out of business. “It’s unfortunately as simple as that.”

You should know better! AND you are paid to know better.

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