May 18, 2024
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Keeping Judges Accountable

Eye On Annapolis To Track Sentencesinjustice

A front page article in today’s Capital is about a drunk driver who killed a woman and maimed her boyfriend while driving 77 mph in a 40 mph zone at over twice the legal limit for alcohol at 745pm will be sentenced in early October. Does anyone want to take bets on the actual sentence?

If past history is any indication, we are saying less than a month in jail. The judicial  bench has become so lenient in Anne Arundel County that crime does indeed pay.  Remember the many who was given $20 and told to leave town by Judge Hackner?

Eye On Annapolis will now begin to track these ridiculous sentences and sometime down the road will report on the raw data. We will see how much of a break a typical criminal can expect in Anne Arundel County, which Judge is the best judge to have for the maximum break, and which crimes seem to be accepted more than others.

We already have a list going, but if you know of a case in Anne Arundel County, please leave a comment with the details and we will investigate it and add it to our study!

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