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Just A Little Bragging

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OK, it is time to brag a little bit.  When we came on the scene back in March, our goal was to become a top level source for information about Anne Arundel County.   One of the measures we have been watching is our Technorati ranking.

TechnoratiRankingTechnorati is a service that scans and ranks blogs worldwide and ranks them in terms of influence worldwide. Some of the top blogs are familiar names like The Huffington Post, TMZ, and The Consumerist. You won’t see Eye On Annapolis in the top spots for a long time, or likely ever since we are a focused blog, but our growth has been incredible and we want to thank our readers!

In early April (when we took our first ranking) we were the 2,489,606th most influential blog on the internet! They gave us an “Authority Ranking” of 1 (with one being the lowest).

Today, we have broken the half million barrier and rank as the 458,715th most influential blog on the internet and our “Authority Ranking” is now a 7!

Technorati is a moving target and as our readers ebb and flow along with the number of blogs and websites that reference us, our ranking will change on a rolling 180 day basis.

Thank you to all of our readers for this 443% increase in 4 short months. Some other sites may claim to be the most influential, or the fastest growing blogs in the area, but we beg to differ.  A huge thank you for your support and please remember to recommend Eye On Annapolis to anyone you come across!

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