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Good Job Annapolis Police Department

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Talk about some good police work and a quick resolution. From the police report this morning. Two 15 years old kids. Unbelievable!

On August 25, 2009 at 12:17 AM the Annapolis Police Department received a call for a report of an armed robbery at the BP Gas Station in the 1200 block of Forest Drive.

Officers arrived on scene and met with the victim who said that two black men in masks entered the store armed with a handgun and demanded he empty the cash register. The suspects removed all of the money from the register and fled on foot.

While at the crime scene, officers viewed the surveillance video which showed a black male in the store with no mask on. The victim had unlocked the door to allow the male into the store – the doors lock after hours for safety of the employees. The unmasked male then held the door open for the two masked males to enter the store. The masked males entered the store, pointed a black handgun and demanded the money from the register. The victim opened the register and the suspects removed all of the currency from the drawer and fled on foot. The total amount of money taken is unknown at this time.

A K-9 officer arrived on scene and conducted a track. The K-9 track ended in the 1300 block of Tyler Ave, approximately 100-150 yards from the BP Gas Station. Officers observed a male at the side of a house that resembled the suspect in the videothat held the door open for the other suspects to enter. This subject was identified as a juvenile.

Officers then went to the front of the house where they observed two men that resembled the masked suspects in the video.

Officers spoke to the resident of the home and she gave her consent to search the house.

Officers found Michael H. Thompson 3/9/89 in the kitchen shoving money in his pant’s pocket. Thompson was placed under arrest.

Next to refrigerator, officers discovered a black mask similar to the one the suspects wore in the video. A second black mask was located on the floor in the kitchen. The second mask also matched the masks worn by the suspects during the robbery. Also next to the washer was a black T-shirt that matched that of the juvenile male who held the door open for the suspects. There was a logo on back the back of the T-shirt that matched the shirt worn by this juvenile in the video.

Officers asked the resident of the home who the shirt belonged to and she said it belonged to her juvenile son and that he was upstairs in his room. With her consent, officers went upstairs and searched the juvenile’s room. Inside the room on the floor of a closet was a loaded black gun .25 caliber Titan hand gun, serial #302132. The weapon was wrapped in a gray T-shirt.

Detectives arrived and interviewed several witnesses. One witness stated that Michael Thompson came into the house and wrapped the gun in a T-shirt and it was hidden in the house.

The witness said that while in the house the suspects were bragging about how they robbed the gas station and began splitting up money from the robbery with people in the home.

One of the subjects that allegedly received money was Ameir M Scott 12/2/89. A search of her person revealed $17.00 in one dollar bills.

Also located in the lower pocket of Ameir Scott’s skirt was a partially smoked cigar, containing a brownish green leaf-like substance, which officers recognized as suspected marijuana. The substance field tested positive for marijuana

The witness also identified a juvenile as the second masked suspect in the robbery. A juvenile citation was completed and that juvenile was arrested today, August 25, 2009 at 7:55 AM.


Michael H. Thompson 3/9/89 – Charged with armed robbery and handgun violations.

Ameir Scott 12/2/89 – Charged with armed robbery/ handgun violations and CDS violations.

Juvenile 2/15/94 – Charged with armed robbery and handgun violations.

Juvenile 9/19/94 – Charged with armed robbery and handgun violations.

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