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Dirty Politics Are Coming Alive

Mayoral Race Stirs Up Mud For Slingingmudslinging

I guess some things in life never change. Take dirty politics. As the primary race for Annapolis mayor heats up and heads into the final stretch, the mud slingers and (dare I say it) rhetorical bomb throwers are beginning to come out in force.

I suppose it started at the HACA Forum when Candidate Dave Cordle (R) threw down the gloves during his opening remarks. But of late, it has been more sublime. Many of the comments on our articles (and other blogs) are bashing candidates and tossing mud to see where it lands.

Over the past two weeks there has even been the birth of several new blogs which seem very intent on slinging the mud and gearing discussion toward a particular candidate.  Then you throw in a few emails to local media and bloggers with “smoking guns” and you just know it is election time!

To be clear, this site is not endorsing any candidate for mayor. We have offered every candidate the opportunity to write up to four articles (call them campaign pieces, position pieces, or whatever) at no charge. We believe in a well informed electorate and if we can assist in that information sharing, we are more than happy.  However, we are not a politically focused blog and will not be assisting in any of the mudslinging.

Dirty politics is as old as time. It rarely reflects well on the slinger.

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