May 22, 2024
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County Council Ticks Off Governor

Anne Arundel Holding Up Slots Statewide

Because of their recent spine-ectomy, the County Council has ticked off the Governor leading him to claim

“It’s very frustrating. They were waiting for the court, and then the court said, ‘We’re not going to be the County Council for you, you all need to make a decision.’ You’ve told them to make a decision, the courts have told them to make a decision, we’re urging them to make a decision, we need them to make a decision.”

County Council Chairwoman Cathy Vitale has taken a “who? me?” approach and denies that they have anything to do with the delay.  Strange how we are coming into an election year and none of the council members want to take a stand on something controversial. Imagine that!

What happened to the representative government guaranteed under the Constitution? Once again, the voters of MARYLAND overwhelmingly voted to have slots. The voters of ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY overwhelmingly voted to have slots. The voters in the DISTRICT SURROUNDING ARUNDEL MILLS MALL overwhelmingly voted to have slots. What part of this concept is escaping the County Council? Oh, that’s right the “protect my seat at all costs” amendment.

People need to remember this issue during the next election. If we cannot entrust our elected representatives to represent our interests, we need to vote them out.  All of them!

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