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Cocaine, The New Toilet Paper

DC Woman Nailed With Three Pounds Of Cocaine

It used to be that women used to stuff their bras with toilet paper.  At BWI Thurgood Marshall,  some passengers do it a little differently. A Washington, DC woman was arrested early this morning at BWI after arriving from Montego Bay, Jamaica.  While it might be common to sneak in some marijuana or a little cocaine, three pounds is a little much.

Sophia Williams, 35, was arrested at about 1:45 a.m. today after Customs and Border Protection officers discovered the cocaine stuffed inside her bra late Monday night.

“The cocaine, divided into two packages, was designed to blend in with her bra material. Narcotics smugglers will go to great lengths to conceal their dangerous drugs, and this is another unique concealment method,” said James Swanson, CBP Port Director for the Port of Baltimore. “Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t so unique that it fooled our highly trained officers even for a second.”

With a street value of over $110,000 that bra gives the Victoria’s Secret one a run for its money! But a little investigation uncovered a ready to go cocaine bra!

Coke Bra

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