May 22, 2024
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Another Clueless Move By Moyer

Mayor Allocates Over $5000 For Sailing Teens

A typical City Council meeting?
A typical City Council meeting?

While we welcome visitors from all over the world to our beautiful City, it just doesn’t make sense to pay for them to come.  We cannot figure out how to pay for our parking garages. We still have several million dollars to go till we are where we were 6 years ago at the Market House. We just balanced a budget using credit.

Yet somehow the Mayor finds a way to spend $5000 to have three French teenagers learn how to sail on the Chesapeake Bay. Mind you, these are already experienced sailors in France.

It is not that the money is too much; but why are taxpayers paying for it? Why is the City paying Annapolis Sailing School and the Eastport Yacht Club to house, feed and teach these teens? What ever happened to host families? What happened to a business offering a program for free because it was the right thing to do?

To be honest, a cookout celebrating the visit would be fine; but our Mayor is so completely out of touch it is truly unbelievable. Herb McMillan really nailed it when he said this administration is bleeding the City to death with “1000 little paper cuts.”

According to The Capital, we paid $372 just to move them to and from the airport!  On the Super Shuttle they can do it for $118 round trip to BWI and $180 from Dulles.  Leave it to our current administration to find a way to do it for twice as much!

Is it any wonder why people are pacing back and forth and are looking forward to a change of regime?  As of now, only 123 days.  Be sure to check back here for our countdown clock.

While this site has only been up for a few months, we’ve lost count of the boneheaded moves from our Administration. What is your favorite bonehead move? Please leave a comment and we will compile them together for a future post. Don’t be shy, we have a lot of bandwidth!

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