June 13, 2024
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Annapolis Elections To Get Messy

Union Endorsements A Shot Across The Bow

While the blogosphere has been speculating and commenting for months, the main stream media has finally taken note. And with that, the gloves appear to be coming off.

The latest flare up is over the endorsement of Josh Cohen by two unions. One will be negotiating with the City for their members and the other will be looking to develop some property in the city–which did not go unnoticed by Trudy McFall.

They have an interest in the city. We don’t have a steamfitters contract; it must be development

–Trudy McFall

While very dry, the recent Campaign Finance Reports are interesting reading. If you want to take the time to pore over them, you will see candidates who have true roots in the city as is evidenced by their contributions. You will also see candidates with very strong ties to developers both locally and not so locally.

So, what wins a municipal election? Big bucks from unions and developers? Or the support of Wilma and Fred next door? Money does not win elections; but it sure helps.

But make no mistake, in the coming weeks, the 7 democratic candidates for Mayor are going to be slugging it out. Right now the barbs are flying on endorsements,  it will be developers soon, then education and public housing and public safety. Pull up a chair for a ringside seat!

What do you think about union and developer endorsements and donations?

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