March 2, 2024
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CORRECTION: Per US Senator Ben Cardin’s office, Jon Cardin is his nephew, not his son. We regret the error

Marriage Proposals On Taxpayer’s Money Becoming Popularbalto city police

Back in June, Annapolis City police staged a fake arrest outside Middleton Tavern to allow a man to propose to his girlfriend. While it was a unique proposal indeed, we were very critical of the use of City resources. It involved at least four officers, two police cars, handcuffs, and more than likely a brief traffic jam.

Well, not to be outdone by little old Annapolis, it appears that Baltimore COUNTY Delegate Jon S. Cardin (son nephew of US Senator Benjamin L. Cardin) apparently found a way to commandeer a CITY marine unit and a helicopter to affect his proposal.

Of course the police are saying it did not detract from their duties at all. Perhaps it didn’t; but does it make it right? Are all citizens afforded the luxury of utilizing public property and public employees in such a manner? Or is it just those that are elected to “represent” us?

When you have Congress trying to pass a universal health care bill and conveniently exempting themselves, and former cops calling in favors for Annapolis proposals, and State Delegates doing the same, it certainly seems like we have a case of the haves and the have nots!

If you are planning a marriage proposal in the future, please contact your local police department to see what programs they have available to make it a memorable occasion.

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