October 1, 2023
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Transparency In Police Work

Hartley’s Column Dead OnFOIA

Eric Hartley’s Sunday column brings up some decent points and some decent questions. In the wake of 4 police shootings in the past three months and the apparent increase in gang violence, why aren’t the County Police a little more forthcoming with public information?

This site was critical (as were others) of their handling of Mallgate when County Executive John Leopold was reportedly caught in a compromising position in the parking lot. If you recall, the call was cleared in a matter of seconds and everyone stuck to the County Executive’s mantra of  “no comment”.

If you are a fan of  The Arundel Muckraker (and you should be), you know how often they are denied public records.

The Capital recently did an expose on trying to obtain records from the US Naval Academy and the time and costs involved.

When public entities, supported by public dollars are not forthcoming with public information, there is a problem. More often than not, there is something being hidden.

Wonder what it is?

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