July 14, 2024
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The Face Race

Should Facebook Decide The Mayor’s Race?

Well, a few months ago, we took a lighthearted look at the Mayoral candidates and the number of fans they had on their facebook pages.  Have they learned anything? Have they grown?

If you look at the past presidential election, it would stand to reason that the candidates who are looking to connect with the Annapolis “connected” community should be utilizing this viral and social media tool to further their campaign.  Merely having friends, fans, or supporters is not enough.

So, who is the front runner? The Capital has espoused and so has Capital Punishment (giving Paul some link love in his quest for 100,000 visitors by the end of the day–just leave a comment and let him know we sent you). What is your opinion? Who would you vote for if the election were today? Take our poll below and leave a comment!

  1. Chris Fox (487 members–last time 309, a 58% increase)Facebook
  2. Zina Pierre (387 members–last time 73, a 430% increase)
  3. Josh Cohen (361 members–last time 284, a 27% increase)
  4. Sam Shropshire (189 members–last time 94, a 101% increase)
  5. Dave Cordle (80 members–last time 27, a 196% increase)
  6. Trudy McFall (37 members–last time 17, a 117% increase)
  7. Gil Renaut (no Facebook candidacy page, has personal page)
  8. Laurie Sears-Deppa (no Facebook candidacy page, has personal page)
  9. Wayne Taylor (no Facebook page found)
  10. Frank Flyntz (no Facebook page found)

(NOTE: Facebook is a free social networking website. You can become a fan, friend, or supporter by clicking the candidate’s links above)

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