May 26, 2024
Annapolis, US 84 F

Slots In AA County? Not Likely

Council & Leopold Again Postpone Vote

spinelessAt this rate, slots will never come to Anne Arundel County despite the wishes of the voters.  The County Concil has repeatedly postponed the vote and just last night, they pulled several supporting bills under the direction of County Executive Leopold.

Citing the need to have a “full council” vote on the issue, the vote has been tabled until at least July 13 when the council is required to select the replacement for Reilly.  If not acted upon by the middle of August, the bill will die.

Sure it can be resurrected, but the chances of that happening are not too great with a hand selected (versus elected) council. Come November, if Josh Cohen is able to secure the keys to City Hall in Annapolis, there will be yet another delay, and yet another hand selection of a council member.

But as we come into an election year, the Council is afraid to do anything. These people were elected to represent their constituents; not their interest in getting re-elected.

The solution is simple, vote the way your constituents want you to vote and let the chips fall where they may. We elected our council members to make sometimes difficult choices. Why is it now that our leaders have turned into spineless cowards who are afraid to take a stand?  Oh that’s right, we are coming up on an election year!

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