March 23, 2023
Annapolis, US 64 F

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Of course Eye On Annapolis is your newest favorite site, you have us bookmarked or are subscribing to our feed right?  However, several people have asked us what we like and what and who we follow online.  So, we went to some of our contributors and got their favorite local sites and blogs and thought we’d pass them along to you–in absolutely no particular order.

Local Blogsfavorites

News Sites

Other Sites We Like

Of course there are more sites out there, but these seemed to rank on the top. What about you? Do you have some favorites that we missed?  Why not leave the URL in a comment!

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  1. Capital punishment? Are you freaking kidding me. The guy is such a loon and still pissed off because everyone saw through him when he “ran” for alderman! All he does is whine and moan. Didn;t you even toss him under the bus a few months back?

    I appreciate blogs like this that are a lot more balanced. I can’t tell if you guys are left or right.

  2. He has some good stuff. And being solely (well mostly) focused on city politics, it’s a decent blog; but for some reason, he had us on his blogroll and then took us away. Oh well, c’est la vie! Life goes on!

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