March 25, 2023
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Job Hunting: Where Are The Manners?

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Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend who is hitting the pavement hard seeking a job. He is hard working and not above taking a downward step to learn a new trade or position. He has an effective (so says) resume, comes across very well. He is respectful, well dressed, punctual, loyal and pretty much anything almost any employer wodge want. So what is the problem?

A basic lack of civility. He has had several interviews and still has not landed a job, but what was shocking to me was the number of employers in the area who simply will not acknowledge his application or resume.

OK, we live in a technological age where applications are done online or by email. There is much more competition for fewer jobs. I get that, but why can’t an employer acknowledge or offer the most simple feedback to a prospective employee?

Rich told me that he had sent out over 200 resumes and attempted to follow up on each one. Only six employers would even return his phone call or email. He showed me a series of seven emails attempting to follow up with a company–each sent about a week apart simply asking for a status. Rich wanted something…anything.

We decided to go a different direction…the position is already filled…you are not qualified…you are over qualified…something…anything. But it seems that most employers know they are sitting in the catbird seat right now and have no need to be civil.

Where did basic manners go? Are you looking for a job? Have you found the same issue? Let’s discuss.

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